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Self Hosting My Life

I'm Self Hosting My Life


 Occupation:Network and Security Consultant


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Hi. My name is Bruno, I have a background has a network engineer and I am mostly self taught on everything. Even table manners. I love software and technology and I have always distrusted those large companies that give you their services for free. For that reason I decided to start selfhosting everything and for the past 3 years I have done just that. This blog is my very feeble attempt to share my adventures, many sleepless hours and also to share my immense gratitude for Linux, Microservices and above all the wonderfull OpenSource community without whom not of this would be possible.

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Hugo Theme FeelIt


Performance and SEO

  •  Optimized for performance: 99/100 on mobile and 100/100 on desktop in Google PageSpeed Insights
  •  Optimized SEO performance with a correct SEO SCHEMA based on JSON-LD
  •  Google Analytics supported
  •  Fathom Analytics supported
  •  GoatCounter Analytics supported
  •  Search engine verification supported (Google, Bind, Yandex and Baidu)
  •  CDN for third-party libraries supported
  •  Automatically converted images with Lazy Load by lazysizes

Appearance and Layout

  • / Responsive layout
  • / Light/Dark mode
  •  Globally consistent design language
  •  Pagination supported
  •  Easy-to-use and self-expanding table of contents
  •  Multilanguage supported and i18n ready
  •  Beautiful CSS animation

Social and Comment Systems

  •  Gravatar supported by Gravatar
  •  Local Avatar supported
  •  Up to 64 social links supported
  •  Up to 28 share sites supported
  •  Disqus comment system supported by Disqus
  •  Gitalk comment system supported by Gitalk
  •  Valine comment system supported by Valine
  •  Vssue comment system supported by Vssue
  •  Facebook comments system supported by Facebook
  •  Telegram comments system supported by Comments
  •  Commento comment system supported by Commento
  •  Utterances comment system supported by Utterances

Extended Features

  •  Search supported by Lunr.js or algolia
  •  Twemoji supported
  •  Automatically highlighting code
  •  Copy code to clipboard with one click
  •  Images gallery supported by lightgallery.js
  •  Extended Markdown syntax for Font Awesome icons
  •  Extended Markdown syntax for ruby annotation
  •  Extended Markdown syntax for fraction
  •  Mathematical formula supported by $ \KaTeX $
  •  Diagrams shortcode supported by mermaid
  •  Interactive data visualization shortcode supported by ECharts
  •  Mapbox shortcode supported by Mapbox GL JS
  •  Music player shortcode supported by APlayer and MetingJS
  •  Bilibili player shortcode
  •  Kinds of admonitions shortcode
  •  Custom style shortcode
  •  Custom script shortcode
  •  Animated typing supported by TypeIt
  •  Cookie consent banner supported by cookieconsent


FeelIt is licensed under the MIT license.

Check the LICENSE file for details.

Thanks to the authors of following resources included in the theme: